In Babylonian Mesopotamia 1200 BC, Tapputi – belatekallim  a female overseas of the royal palace ,is considered to be the world’s first chemist and perfumer-maker , she distilled flowers , calamus, cyperus , myrrh , and balsam added to other solvents to create the first know perfume.

Tapputi is revived again by the Mesopotamian perfumes creator a Fahad Alghanim , to reveal  the secrets of the ancient’s civilizations across scents harmonies with the rest of the world.

In addition he is  the third generation of the family who specializes in perfumes .

He acquired the area of fragrance formulation . In cradle of modern perfumery.

The picturesque French city of grass. 

After working for various perfumes houses in the region . He decided to embrace his own talents fully through the founding of his own company and signature fragrance line Misk paris 

For which he cherishes the use of the finest quality ingredients and original creation techniques .