Oriental and elegant, knitted with great experience, will not let you down on big occasions, men and women can use it with ease.The fragrance is built on three pillars, so that the amber is the outer envelope that surrounds the other notes, where it is found in every corner of the fragrance, And in harmony with all his taste and different form. The three pillars are spices, citrus fruits and roses and amber that covers all of them. An early citrus edifice is almost as light, mixed with sweet-flavored pink peppers and surrounded by amber, served with a spicy onion with clear bursts of bergamot. Then begin the most beautiful stages of the long fragrance in the Turkish rose aroma with the remnants of lightly spicy touches of pink pepper slowly dissolve to allow room for a long meeting we waited long between romance and beauty represented by roses and amber in a balanced sugary Balchermip.