Dar Misk launches its new Collection of aromatic perfumes for 2016, that is inspired of love and memories. The Collection that consist of 6  high quality of perfumes embody the complete perfect love story that we live stage by stage. 

The first stage, the gates will open on the fragrance at first glance, when eyes es meet eagerly with the fragrances Misk 09 and Misk 17, that belongs to the group of floral woody perfumes with musk. The fragrance starts with flavors of cirtus and mint cocktail, pear syrup and green lemon juice, it’s a begining that befit of first glance. In the middle, it smells like sage and blogs. In this case, the first chapter ends with flavors of musk at the base where the feelings are completed.

After that ,  who live with any couples are perfumes of the group of woody spicy perfumes, which strat with tge adventure of walnut, jasmine and frankincense, in his heart, a trip of leather and tobacco and it ends up with flavors of wormwood, vanilla and musk deepened in the hearts of the couples that they feel they were born to be together.

The curtain falls on that phase and from behind the gate, there is a new stage where the feelings matured and the expressive words spilled to reveal both sides of their own true feelings.

The fragnances Misk 21 and Misk 22 belongs to the eastern perfumes that encourages you to admit what you feel inside your heart with its ingredients that start with iced moundran, fluorine, buds of black currants and basil. and in the middle, flavors of rosemary, the flavor wormwood and almonolia. All ingredients insist you to recognize of what’s on your mind and when you responds to your heart and recognize! a new enjoyable stage begins.

To make a beautiful moment, to live the entire moment with the one you love, its only the idea that make all your moment beautiful. Don’t be affraid to love someone! don’t hesitate ! just make the moments irreplaceable amd linked it with the smell of the special perfume Misk 08 and Misk 7. Which begins with dried fruits and cardamom to remind you of new chapter , and here in the moddle, another last chapter of the wax night flower, tuberose and the flower of the saffron to remind you of youth, and tge base of the perfume hides another fabulous chapter flavored by patchouli leaves.

 In this manuscript you have wonderful moments to ends up this phase. This is followed by a stage of happy dreams and wonderful relationship with the one who you love, a stage dominated by the ideas and dreams for a dreamer’s future.
The gates close on the story that has been completed with a group high-end perfumes. It’s your love story, you are under the sponsorship of love from the house of Misk perfumes.